Cantabria treasures many wonderful places waiting to be discovered. Beaches, routes and paths across nature with unforgettable landscapes. In this article we present five routes, very different but all beautiful, to discover this region. From Santander to Vega de Pas, ranging from a tranquil path along the coast to a more demanding trail in Tresviso.

  1. El Caballo Lighthouse

The path to El Caballo Lighthouse begins at the seafront walk of Santoña. The 5 km path has signals all along from the end of the seafront. A spectacular track awaits us, with 700 steps at the end to finally reach the lighthouse. Astonishing views and crystal-clear waters in a landscape appropriate for a film.

The trail is simple and rather short, but it goes along the seacoast near the cliff and the steps are quite irregular, so you better be careful.

El Caballo Lighthouse is one of the most astonishing places in Cantabria.
  1. Quebrada Coast.

Liencres is just 15-20 minutes away from Santander. It is a place surrounded by nature, a perfect place to take a walk or spending the day between the beach and the mountain.

Wind and water have eroded the coast sculpting spectacular cliffs and isolated rocky islands, with amazing small beaches in between. You can start from any of the beaches, for example from La Arnía, certainly one of the most astonishing.

Extra: La Picota

Near the pine forest of Liencres you can follow a track that goes up to La Picota, a 240 m. hill with the best view of the whole area from its top. A perfect option to end a day in Liencres admiring a fantastic sunset.


View from the top of La Picota, Liencres.
  1. Mataleñas 

In Santander, the Mataleñas park, enclosed by a long wall, hides a wooded area with a small stream that flows out into the sea at the beach of Molinucos. It is designed with trails for walking or running around it.

It is a pleasant shady walk. We are in the city, but here it seems we are in the middle of a small forest. It is protected from the wind due to its location, the trees and the wall that surrounds it, so it is a nice place for a walk even during the winter.


The Mataleñas Beach and the path that surrounds it is a very popular area in Santander.
  1. The waterfalls. Vega de Pas

The trail is indicated as PRS-75, and it is named “Riberas de los ríos Yera y Aján”. It begins from the village of Vega de Pas. There is a parking lot in the village where we can leave our car, and from there, walking on the road for a little while, we arrive to a deviation to the left side of the river.

The route is 18 km long and has a slope of 425 m. It is an easy trail and it is possible to see the old railway tunnel of La Engaña and its train station.

Along the the route there are some waterfalls, both in the river Ajan and Yera. You can even take a dip if you have time and the weather allows it.

  1. Tresviso. Picos de Europa

The popular trail that goes up to the village of Tresviso from Urdón has a history that dates back to the middle of the 19th century when this road was built for the zinc mines that existed near Tresviso.

This work has been preserved in perfect condition thanks to the isolation of the area, and today we can enjoy one of the most spectacular places in the Picos de Europa National Park.


A view over the river Urdón from the trail to Tresviso.

Tresviso sits on a calm valley, flanked by huge limestone walls almost everywhere. The deep gorge carved by the waters of the River Urdón is overcomed in this itinerary by a steep and rocky slope of about, that contrasts with the leafy vegetal mass of the other side of the river.

The path leads to a wet ravine and a lush vegetation of willows, laurels and hazel trees. The slope to overcome is considerable and it takes some effort to make the 6 kilometers ascent.