If you have previous studies from another university, studies related to your field of study or you have accredited professional experience in the area, you might be subject for recognition and validation of ECTS credits. To proceed with the validation study you must follow the following steps:

  1. You start the Admission Process, and you present the documents related to your academic record. It does not have to be official in this first step. It will be enough to provide a copy or image obtained from the website, or the online campus of your former university, where the credits you already have are displayed. You must also present your professional curriculum in case you have professional experience.
  2. The Validation Committee will study your case. In a period of approximately 72 hours, a detailed report on the validated credits and the pending subjects to be taken is completed and issued.
  3. In order for the validation to be officially accomplished, you must submit, before the start of the course, all the pending documentation and duly certified, in case you did not deliver it previously.
Delivery of prior documentation 25%
Study of your case by the Validation Committee 50%
Result of your validation 75%
Delivery of pending official documentation 100%