Information for parents

We know that choosing a university is a very important decision; both for students and their families. That is why we want parents to know what experience will their son or daughter live on our campus.

Our students are unique

The mission of CESINE is to train and inspire the next generation of professionals: leaders, communicators, creatives and designers.

Our curriculum has been created to enable your son/daughter to be able to face his/her professional future with confidence and assurance. As a university student, he/she will receive the most solid academic bases as well as the skills most valued by companies, such as teamwork, working under pressure, communication skills, languages, proactivity, creativity, etc.

They will not lack of motivation

Our learning methodology is based on the true market vision. For over 25 years we have redefined the concept of Higher Education and we offer a global and innovative learning system with a methodology adapted to the real world and different from the traditional university model.

Your son or daughter will study in an exciting, inspiring and challenging academic context, which will allow them to put each theoretical concept into practice through the study of real business cases and the development of projects. Our professors will inspire them, all of them are professionals, managers, designers and artists of the highest level, who provide an innovative approach, as well as the value of excellence and entrepreneurship.

A campus that is close to you

At CESINE, we will not only know his name. We will offer him all the support he needs from the beginning, during his period as a student, and throughout his professional career.

As a student your son will have a close and personal relationship with the academic directors and professors. You will have a dedicated team that will help him achieve success in and outside the classroom.

His new city

During his time as a university student he will mature and grow as a person. Santander is the ideal place. A safe city not too big enough to get lost or distracted too much, but with many plans to do and a great cultural and leisure offer, which will make him enjoy university life outside the classroom. He will live some of the best years of his life, meet students from different parts of the world and make friends that will last forever.

We are committed to their professional career

Our mission is to help the students to get their first job while studying at CESINE. In addition, we will provide them with the skills and tools to manage their professional career development throughout their lives.

At CESINE we manage the professional internships of our students to ensure that they are gradually access the labor market. In addition, we provide exclusive job offers, coaching and complete advice, to make them part of the 93% of students who find their first job in the next 6 months after graduating.