You are facing one of the most important decisions. An election that will determine your future. Your university period, full of unforgettable moments, is about to begin.

For CESINE it is also an important decision. Our Admissions team works to guide you in your decision and to find candidates who have a bold spirit, a creative intellect and an open mind, like you. Students who will make an impact, who demonstrate achievement, passion, curiosity, and leadership potential.

Start the admission process

We have several periods adapted to the calendars of students from different Spanish provinces and from other countries. We also accept applications throughout the year.

This way, to ensure your enrolment, scholarship and accommodation, it is recommended to start the admission process with sufficient time. After each of the different application periods, our admissions team meets with the Academic Directors of each area, the Scholarship Committee and the Credit Validation Committee to analyze the profiles of interested students, conduct the credit validation study (if applicable), decide in each case the amounts of the scholarship and confirm their admission.

Ask our admissions team for deadlines.

In what consists the admission test

It is a test composed of two parts, each one of about 10 minutes. This test is compulsory, regardless of the academic program that you want to take and lasts for 20 minutes.

1. Motivation letter

In this letter you must explain why you want to study at CESINE and what drives you to make this decision. You have to explain as well why your profile is appropriate to be part of our campus, what achievements you have made and how you have overcome difficult moments. Finally you must describe your personality and what distinguishes you from any other student.

2. Personality test

It is a multiple-choice test, which will determine your leadership potential, your level of creativity, etc.