Information and communication technologies allow that distance, time zones or the development of a professional activity do not imply an obstacle to study an academic programme.

CESINE puts at your disposal a Virtual Campus, which combines DISTANCE LEARNING METHODOLOGY and a personalized and tutored support, which reduces the incidence of academic failure, through a learning and assessment system 100% online.

The programmes, which are taught under the same quality criteria as in the face-to-face learning, ensure the highest teaching quality and offer students great advantages that translate into success for students.

Online campus advantages

  • You can follow the learning from any device with an internet connection, maintaining a direct and permanent contact with each of your professors and with your tutor.
  • You will have access 24 hours a day, so you can manage your own schedule, review academic contents, deliver projects, without having to be tied to a specific timetable.
  • You will have an individualized and continuous monitoring of the learning process, thanks to your tutor, so that you do not deviate from your goals set at the beginning of the academic programme.
  • You will have innovative and efficient didactic materials developed for the e-learning education by a team of expert professionals, who contribute to obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities in each one of the subjects.
  • You can follow the classes of each subject in live streaming and solve your doubts at the moment, or watch them recorded as many times as you want.
  • Your personal tutor will be in charge of accompanying and guiding you throughout the teaching-learning process. You will be able to solve your doubts throughout the course, the tutor will offer you personalized advice on subjects, contents, academic materials, etc.

The goal is that each student can work in a flexible, efficient, and interactive quality educational environment, adapted to the real world.

Assesment procedure

The assessment of a student’s performance is based on a progressive and on-going assessment process, which allows the student to progress at a pace adapted to their personal situation without losing the focus or goals set at the beginning of the course.

This assessment consists of assignments, progress tests, contribution on forums, end-of-course paper and the final exam, with different weights depending on the subject and the professor.

  • Assignments 15%
  • Progress test or contribution on Forums 10%
  • End-of-course paper 25%
  • Final exam 40%