Razan Alyamani has chosen CESINE for doing an internship and learning Spanish at the same time. She is from Saudi Arabia and she has studied Business and Management Systems at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, in the United States.

Razan had never been to Europe before so she gathered a lot of information about possible destinations. Her father, Ahmed Yamani, is the Rector of Prince Sultan University, considered as the best private university in Saudi Arabia, and he recommended her the CESINE University Center to develop an international internship program offered by this institution and improve her level of Spanish.

“After talking with my father, I looked for information and I was very impressed by the pictures of the facilities and the campus. In addition, I loved the location of the Center,” she says.

Thus, Razan discovered Santander, “a small city” but that “has everything”: the beach, a pleasant climate and a good atmosphere to interact and meet more people with whom practice another language.

She says CESINE is an ideal place to do her internship, because she can interact with a lot of people and she is enjoying her work a lot. Here she works in the Department of International Relations, contacting universities in the Middle East, with which she manages exchange programs for students.

In addition, she is taking advantage of this experience to learn Spanish. “I love the lessons because almost everything is conversation. We do not focus so much on vocabulary and grammar, and I have a lot of fun while discovering cultural aspects of the country,” she says.

Saudi Arabia, the United States and Spain

Razan always knew that she wanted to study in the United States and finally Rolla was her destination: a small city where she has earned her bachelor’s degree in Business and Management Systems from the Missouri University of Science and Technology

She has lived in countries on three different continents where she has been able to observe the differences and cultural similarities between the East and the West. In fact, she notes that Saudi society is “very conservative and very religious”, although the idea of family and the importance they give to social relations are “very similar” to those we have in Spain.

“Fortunately, Saudi Arabia is experiencing many changes and it is opening up to the rest of the world, and many of these changes are related to the role of women. “Now, finally, we can drive,” says Razan talking about changes that have been greatly encouraged by young Saudis who have studied in other countries.