The training offered by CESINE is not limited exclusively to what happens in the classroom, since more and more students are using online methodology to study for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at our academic institution.

The students are always monitored by a personal tutor who is in charge of supervising the whole process, which is carried out 100% online, including the exams, so that the interested person does not need to move from his or her home at any time, favouring the conciliation with the work activity.


With CESINE’s online methodology you will be able to extend your training from any place.

“During this academic year, several hundreds of students have studied their undergraduate and graduate studies in the online modality, in fact, there has been a 15% increase in new enrolments in comparison with the previous year; and that is because we work with very high quality parameters and we permanently support and motivate the student so that he or she can achieve their goals” states Javier Revuelta, Head of Academic Department for Online Degrees.

The Online Campus, which is completely updated, allows live and recorded classes, video conferences, chat, e-mail and a forum to solve any doubts.

CESINE’s innovative platform allows the process to be 100% online, including the exams.

In turn, Revuelta also ensures that the online platform helps to develop a better personal relationship with all students, an essential aspect for their training, and emphasizes that CESINE lecturers will always be willing to communicate with all students in an efficient way.

The advantages of online training can be summarized in the following points:

  • It saves the student time, especially in terms of transportation. You don’t need to travel to any campus to take exams or other activities, since the teaching and exams are 100% online.
  • The teaching-learning process is divided into three periods, which will allow a better reconciliation between the students’ work and academic lives, since they will have a better workload in each period.
  • Continuous evaluation process to provide a better follow-up of the student during the development of the course in its entirety. This implies that our students will have a personalized attention.
  • CESINE’s online student has the same rights and privileges as a face-to-face student. Among its benefits are doing internships in companies all over the world, also in there home country or enjoying international experience abroad.
  • Personalized learning. It allows the student to be trained in a personalized way and the lecturer can customize the learning method according to the student’s needs. You can ask the lecurer as many times as you need and you will receive feedback from him or her quickly.