The CESINE University Center has been invited to take part in the STARTinnova program again, an initiative organized by El Diario Monatañes and aimed at fostering the entrepreneurship spirit among young people.

The CESINE University Center, an institution with 25 years of experience and expertise in Communication and Marketing, collaborates in an active way giving various workshops to hundreds of students and teachers from secondary education schools that take part in STARTinnova, so they can improve their communication skills.

Santiago Salazar, Academic Director of the Degree in Journalism and PhD in Communication, is the person in charge of teaching the participating students some techniques to communicate and present projects in a convincing and appealing way.

All CESINE University degrees involve practical activities, projects and presentations in public, as well as a dissertation that students must defend before a jury. Important skills enhanced by a practical methodology and a faculty staff with prestigious professionals that convey the current demands of the labor market to the students.

During four days, Santiago develops several practical workshops that help students to prepare their projects properly and present them before a jury. The young students watched some examples and analyzed debates and presentations, as well as advertising sports to understand the importance that telling a story has.