During this summer CESINE and Escuela Cántabra de Surf will offer different courses aimed at young talents and professionals interested in the surf  industry and in practicing this sport.

These programs will train new professionals willing to face the different labor challenges that arise as a result of the evolution of this industry.

Courses in which the skills and professional competences of students in the areas of business management and design are enhanced, while at the same time promoting the creation and management of business opportunities around surf.


Three modalities of programs

The Design & Surf program is an innovative way to learn graphic design, screen printing, printing and illustration. Based on an eminently practical methodology, students will be able to implement and develop their work and projects from the first day.

Additionally, the Business & Surf program allows students to acquire knowledge and skills about the surf industry, whose global economic impact is $48 billion per year. A useful and productive activity for professionals and future managers who want to complete their education in the field of sports management.


Cantabria has some of the best areas to practice this sport.

And finally, the Spanish and Surf course, a program aimed at foreign students who want to learn or improve their level of Spanish, as well as their fluency and communication skills, combining language learning with immersion in the Spanish culture.

These three summer programs can be undertaken in periods of one week, two weeks and one month, which result in obtaining up to 12 ECTS credits. In addition, at the end of the course, CESINE will send the students an academic certificate that shows the results achieved and the credits obtained, together with the Escuela Cántabra de Surf, one of the most recognized and prestigious surf schools in Europe and the first established in Spain, in 1991.

CESINE and Surf

CESINE has a strong bound with surfing. In fact, some of its students have presented different projects related to this sport in the university center, such as surfboard designs, mobile applications to find the best waves or mathematical studies on their formation.

Ignacio Pereda is one of the creators of Easy Sport, an app aimed at surfers and other athletes that shows a ranking of the best places to practice his favorite sport, taking into account the weather conditions, its geographical location, the waves or the level of difficulty.


Ignacio Pereda presents his project, Easy Sport, at the XIX Business Creation Forum

“The idea is to offer the user all the data necessary to practice their sport on a single platform. In a sport like surfing, knowing this information beforehand is really useful,” says Pereda.

In addition, Ona Saumell has based her Course Project on the research and application of the formulas that govern the formation of waves, so that surfers can improve their technique. In fact, she values ​​the opportunity provided by CESINE to work with “case studies”, since, thanks to projects like this, they can “develop the real aspects” of the theoretical fundamentals they learn in class.

Furthermore, this academic institution encourages direct contact of its students with this sports hobby, managing internships so that they acquire experience in major events for surfers such as ‘La Vaca XXL’. An opportunity enjoyed by María Torres, student of the Double Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing + Journalism and Social Media, who was able to know directly “how to work in such an important event”.

The three programs launched by CESINE and Escuela Cántabra de Surf confirm the role of Cantabria as the pioneer surfing region in Spain. A sports practice that grows exponentially, making Cantabria’s beaches one of the most appreciated by surfers, with places such as El Sardinero, Somo, Berria, Valdearenas or Los Locos.