Creativity is the leitmotif of any advertising campaign. A key factor for the success of an idea that is addressed in the lessons given by Jaime Álvarez, professor at CESINE in the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, and Creative Director at Mi Werta Studio.

“I try to make my classes dynamic, conveying the students the necessary patterns to produce creative projects”, he explains. Creativity must be learnt and worked on. “We have to analyze the problem posed by the client, the solution we can give him and all the conditioning factors we may have. That’s why we analyze a lot of real campaigns, real successful projects and other that didn’t meet their objective, he notes.”

Creative work against child abuse made by Alba Gómez, student in the Degree of Advertising.

According to Jaime, “creativity can be applied to any professional or social scope”, se puede aplicar a cualquier ámbito profesional o social” and that is why this year he also made several projects on social issues with the students. “We visited a day-care center for elderly people, changing its common spaces, proposing creative games and posters, applying creativity from an advertising point of view but with a social aim”.

Students have progressed a lot during this academic year. “I propose them the same activity at the beginning and at the end of the semester, so they had a critical perspective on their work and realized how they understand much better all the patterns of a creative process”.


Jaime Álvarez at Mi Werta Creative Study.

According to Jaime, the best way for students to learn is conveying them the workaday experiences. “Frequently people think anyone can make a good advertising campaign and being creative, but I want my students to understand all the factors of a campaign, their possibilities and their potential for being more creative”, he says.