How can I get in touch with CESINE Business School?

Address: Calle Simón Cabarga, 6
39005 Santander (España)
Telephone: + (34) 942 281858
Fax: + (34) 942 276180

What is the enrolment period to register for the undergraduate programmes?

The enrolment period is from February until September. The international students are also granted a possible extensión in November and December.

How can I send the information?

There are 3 ways of doing so:

  • By mail: Calle Simón Cabarga, 6. 39005 Santander . España.
  • By fax: + (34) 942 276180
  • By email:

Are there scholarships available?

  • Scholarships for 1st year students
  • Scholarships for international and non-Cantabrian resident students
  • Sports Scholarships


What are the registration and enrolment requirements for foreigners?

Those living abroad must undergo the selection and admission process. They must provide the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the student record (Subjects and marks)
  • Photocopy of Secondary studies, High School, Bachiller (Diploma that allows the students to enter the university in their country)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 5 passport size photographs
  • Letters of recommendation (Optional)

How does the previous- studies validation system work?

Those students coming from universities and business schools, (whether they be public or private, Spanish or foreign), that wish to study in one of Cesine’s undergraduate programmes will be subject to the report issued by the Validation Board. The Validation Board studies each case individually and will determine a personalised validation plan according to the syllabus of their respective universities of origin.

What is the cost of accommodation and life in general in Santander?

Cesine has developed a special page for international students to inform them of the most representative aspects of life in Spain. Click on this link in order to see it.


Are languages other than Spanish spoken in Santander?

Spain nowadays has many regions such as Catalonia (Barcelona), Basque Country (Bilbao), Valencia, Galicia, Palma de Mallorca, etc. That have their own official languages. Only the purest form of Spanish is spoken in our region thus eliminating any problem of adaptation and integration, both at an academic as well as social level for the foreign students.

Does Cesine have computers or do I need to bring my own?

Cesine has an advanced IT infrastructure that allows for connecting up to 250 computers. It has 5 PCs and laptop workrooms for its students that are equipped with state-of-the-art IT management, industrial design and multimedia applications. There is also high speed Internet connection. The classrooms are open from 9am to 9pm non-stop. The library also has several computers for reference and consulting.

Are there rooms where one can prepare assignments and presentations?

The library contains several work areas that include IT equipment. These allow for groups to get together to prepare presentations which later on could be shown in the classrooms by OHP and multimedia equipment.

Does Cesine offer accommodation?

Cesine offers foreign students help in finding an apartment or accommodation in a student residence.

Can I be given an appointment to visit Cesine?

The Admissions Department provides detailed, personalised information concerning the undergraduate programmes offered at Cesine. Besides it provides you with individual visits to our campus, where you can view our installations considered to be among the most advanced en Europe.

Call us at 942 281858 or through our email

Can I begin the admission process through the Internet?

Yes, just click here and fill in the Admission Application form.

Are there intensive Spanish courses for foreigners?

You can sign up for the intensive summer courses (July, August and September) that are focused on providing a quick, successful incorporation to the chosen programme classes at Cesine. These courses are strongly focused on the individual and contain technical Spanish classes as well as allowing the student to become as familiar as possible with the programme chosen.