The students from the Degrees in Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design of CESINE develop really creative projects with which they have started their career in the professional world. Fashion collections, decorative items and illustration designs that some of them have already successfully implemented at the commercial level.

Gorka Gil is a student of the Degree in Graphic Design and he already has an extensive illustration projects portfolio. His passions are “skating, surfing and, above all, painting” and he has put all of them on his website (, in which he exhibits and sells his creations in different formats. He hand-illustrates surfboards and skateboards, murals and other objects with a fresh and cheerful style that has allowed him to implement this business idea.

“I know that in life you have to do what you like, and I apply that to my work,” says Gorka, who has participated in several illustration festivals and has more than 70 designed tables in stock.

In the field of fashion, Laura Rico has designed one of the most striking and innovative collections that dazzled the audience that attended her fashion show in Escalante. Under the name of Vostok 6 (Cornnelius brand), she pays homage to the figure of Valentina Vladimirovna, the first woman who flew into space in 1963. From this arises a spatial and futuristic aesthetic inspired by the cosmonaut costumes and isopods as the woodlouse.

“The process of making this collection has been totally handmade, which is really a lot of work. But when I made the fashion show and saw the result and the reaction from the people I realized that everything had been worth it,” says Laura.

Additionally, Amaya López has created one of the most outstanding interior design projects, which she has already exhibited in some decoration stores and it is also for sale on her Facebook page. It’s about CL3; a lamp made by hand with novel materials in the field of lighting such as concrete, methacrylate and textile cable.

“I wanted to give this design an industrial and retro look, betting on exclusivity. That’s why the units are limited and each of them is unique and different from all the others, ” says Amaya.

Project presentation

These three projects have been selected as the best in each modality at an event in which the best Course Projects of the present academic year were presented before a jury of professional designers.

The rest of the finalist projects were also recognized by the members of the jury, who unanimously highlighted the great quality and talent shown in all of them. In the field of fashion they highlighted the works of Laura Barcina, with her collection 21 grams, and that of Estíbaliz García, with Pink Knuckles. In the area of ​​graphic design they highlighted the card game Disaster Town, by Paula Berrocal, and the animation series about Cantabria, La Tierruca, by Guillermo Muñoz.

The president of CESINE, Fermín Gutiérrez, closed the ceremony by thanking the students for the enthusiasm and talent they showed in each project: “We are very proud to have witnessed your evolution in these four years; a journey full of work and effort that we have seen materialized today along with your families and friends. ”

The students defended their projects before a professional jury made up by Fermín Gutiérrez; Óscar Lanza, academic director of the Degrees in Design at CESINE; Arancha de Nemesio, president of the Association of Interiorists and Decorators of Cantabria; Aníbal de la Fuente, designer and founding partner of Planilandia; Laura González Quintana, journalist at Cantabria DModa; Juan Díaz-Faes, illustrator; Lola Rama, fashion designer; and Andrés Navedo,  Exhibition Manager of Lostal.