Yesterday CESINE held the XXth edition of the Business Creation Forum in which the 4th year students from the Degree in International Business Management presented their business ideas.

3D Stark, Yeah, Baraka-Halal and Multifunctional Chip are four innovative projects that the students have been developing during the course with the help of their professors, recognized active professionals, who convey them the most updated knowledge.

This initiative is one of the basic pillars of the university center since its foundation, 25 years ago, and was designed with the aim of generating entrepreneurial culture in the university environment. Thus, the president of CESINE, Fermín Gutiérrez, highlighted this project “pioneer in Cantabria” that encourages “teamwork, creativity and capacity for striving”.

In fact, he pointed out that 8% of CESINE graduates have become entrepreneurs, and he encouraged those “willing to start up a business” to take their project forward offering them, throughout the process, the support from the university center and the collaborating entities.

Presented projects

Two of these ideas are already being developed today. One of them is Stark 3D, which involves the creation of a three-dimensional printer with an innovative design and, above all, easy to use at affordable prices.

This printer, which is already in operation, allows a greater volume of printing than the current equipment available and it can print on any material in filament format, in addition to having an automatic calibration system.

The other already existing project is Yeah: an idea to create clothes ethically eco-friendly, manufactured entirely in Spain with ecological inks and at a competitive and affordable price. In addition, it is a multidisciplinary plan in which students from CESINE’s Degree in Graphic Design are also involved, designing and printing the garments.

In addition, Baraka-Halal is a company that sells sausages adapted to Muslim cultural and religious characteristics, substituting pork for other animals such as cow, horse, goat or sheep. A company that seeks to promote coexistence between different religions and that is developed under the Halal certification regulations.

In the case of Multifunctional Chip, it is an organization that seeks to implant a chip in animals, with different functionalities and connected to an App, whose use is mainly directed to cattle, such as dairy cow.

In fact, Spain is the seventh largest producer of milk, so this idea can mean a differentiation in the livestock sector, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Professional jury

The professional jury that has assessed all the presented projects has been made up by Fermín Gutiérrez, President of CESINE; José Manuel Nocito, International Project Manager at SODERCAN; Javier de la Torre, CEO of SOGARCA; David Ramos, technician from the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria; Alberto Prieto, coordinator of CESINE’s Business Start Up Projects  and Head of the Business Division at Media Markt; Jorge de Benito, President of CEEES and professor at CESINE; Mercedes Aleixandre, Academic Director of CESINE’s Degree in Business Management ; Noelia del Corral, professor at CESINE; and Luís García-Moncó, Academic Director of CESINE’s degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing.