CESINE allows 100% of its students to spend part of their studies abroad, with scholarships, at prestigious international universities, obtaining a first hand experience in countries like Canada, China, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England or the Netherlands, allowing them to acquire certain skills and competences demanded by companies and recruiters, such as resolving skills, initiative, international profile, languages, versatility, adaptability, social and intercultural skills, etc. Students immerse themselves in the local culture, take classes with local experts and see for themselves how the mass media operates in these countries.

As a student at CESINE you can call “home” some of the most dynamic and important international cities in the world.

Taking a period of international education means much more than learning the academic knowledge in another country. It also involves immersing yourself in another culture and developing language skills. An international experience will allow you to leave your comfort zone and learn to develop in a different environment, which makes that in your professional future you will be more prepared to deal with complicated situations.

Our Santander campus offers a learning environment that promotes an international vision.

Our students and professors come from different parts of the world. With more than 45 different nationalities represented each year on our university campus, you will be enriched by a wide variety of perspectives, visions and experiences without leaving Santander thanks to this multicultural environment. You can share a classroom with students from Europe, Asia or America.