CESINE has just signed an agreement with the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Santander’s delegation to help the international students to integrate themselves in Cantabria and in our country. ESN is a non-profit European students organization that has as its goal to represent the international students, providing thus opportunities for cultural comprehension and self-development under the principle of students that help other students.

International students of CESINE in the Botín Arts Center.

Jorge Gutiérrez, CESINE’s head of International Relations, states that “the internationalization is one of our most relevant goals”. “We favour the mobility of our Spanish students with international experiences and we try to attract the foreign talent to come and study in our University Center. So much so that, this year, of the 400 new starting students in the undergraduate, graduate and online learning areas, almost a 50% is made up of international students, mainly coming from Europe, North America and Asia”, he adds.

Gutiérrez explains that the main advantage that this agreement is going to have for CESINE’s international students is that they are going to feel “much more support” from a bigger community of international students that encompasses all of the sort located in Cantabria and Spain. “In other words, they will be able to profit from all the discounts that they offer to the students in matters of transport means, hotels, trips or parties throughout Spain”, he explains.

“Another great advantage is that our Spanish students may act as volunteers of this association. In fact, we already have students from CESINE that are members of ESN and this helps involving our student body in non-profit activities”, he adds.

Paddle surf activity with international students.

Many activities of all sorts are arranged by ESN Santander throughout the year and to those CESINE’s international students can sign themselves up. Among the events organized during last month in Cantabria, ESN has arranged a trip to Cabárceno last October 13th, as well as a visit to the Botín Arts Center last 28th. Also, they have carried out a surf lesson in the beach of Somo. But their activities are not just restricted to Cantabria, since only this last September they have visited Madrid and Bilbao. The philosophy of these actions is to make Spain and Cantabria known by the international students.