The CESINE Fashion Show 2017 gathered at the Exhibitions Center more than 400 people that enjoyed the presentation of eight collections designed by the students of the Degree in Fashion Design. 


A presentation of eight collections (Femme Fatale, Aire, Deja Vú, Futuristic Projection, Bianca, Versailles, Climax and The Third), inspired by diverse concepts and that enhance the value of the professional fashion design made by young designers.


Therefore, this Fashion Show was the perfect opportunity to meet new designers in an event that also gathered professional designers and the specialised media.

The collections, designed and made by the students of the official Degree in Fashion Design of CESINE, were prepared together with their teachers, active professionals in different areas of fashion design. In addition, some national and international designers that are part of the Academic Council of the Degree of Design of this university, such as Modesto Lomba, Roberto Etxeberría or Ailanto, who shared several working days with the students, also contributed to the exhibition. 


The students Nerea Molina, Sheila Sarmiento, Sofia Palomeque, Patricia Martín and María José García presented their collection “Femme Fatale”, designs under the concept of “a woman of a mysterious beauty that attracts, seduces and provokes a sense of domination in anyone who see her. The fatal woman is aware of her power and the fascination she arouses”, they explain.

Ane Martinez, Andrea Martinez, Nerea Sánchez, Bárbara Vega, Ismael Munuera and Ana Sotorrio were the creators of “Aire”, a few “simple looks with a bet on the combination of land and sand-like colors. With bohemian and hippie air, which reflect a free lifestyle, full of love, peace and harmony”, they comment.


Then it was the turn of “Dejà vú”, made by Isabel Baeta, Lucía Fernández, Miren Enfedaque, Sara Alcalde, Cristina Hoya and Sandra Calleja. “It is a journey to something already lived before, transforming it into something novel, a small adventure that takes us to an 80’s aesthetic from which the collection has been inspired.”

Afterwards, Estela Gómez, Doina Bectaras, Claudia Hernandez, Alberto Cimiano, Ivanina Krasimirova and Andrea De Juana presented “Futuristic Projection”, in which “the asymmetry and the visual tricks marked by accessories and appliqués are one of the key points to follow, as well as the clean and straight cuts presented by each of the garments.”


After the collections of the students of second grade, it was time for the creations of its companions of third grade. Julene Asensio, June Garcia and Marina Guevara showed their collection “Bianca”, designed for the Spring-Summer 2018 season, “with a delicacy and femininity that comes from admiration for the cuts and movements of the fabrics of wedding dresses, and the purity of these.”

The students Beatriz Bermúdez, Deva Núñez and Sandra Uribe discovered their collection “Versailles”, based on the Gardens of Versailles, incarnation of the grandeur and magnificence of the French kingdom. “Unique garments, which play with geometry, and flowers, in an attempt to reconcile the pastel colors, the favorites of the ostentatious queen (such as mint green or pale pink), with the floral and geometric motifs that are inserted in fluid and volatile forms that mold the female figure.”


“Climax” was the proposal of the students Alba Miró, Estibaliz García and Laura Barcina. A collection that talks about excess, “represents the world of the night, a world of waste, sex and drugs. A world of everything that is not spoken, but that everyone knows, to show through fabrics and silhouettes all these rejected concepts”, they emphasize. 

Finally, Andrea Haces, Begoña Blanco, Laura Rico and Sandra Santamarta presented “The Third”, a collection in which we want to show the third genre through fashion, that is, the androgynous, the ambiguous. “Androgynous fashion mixes what we know as men’s garments and women’s garments, without borders, it does not pretend or disguise the sex of each one, or renounce femininity, but play with ambiguity”, they explain 


The CESINE University Center is the only academic institution that teaches the official Degrees in Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design, degrees issued by the Government of Cantabria and approved by the Ministry of Education.