The CESINE University Center held the XXI Graduation Ceremony for this year new graduates.

A solemn act in the Auditorium of Magdalena in which participated the graduates of the degrees in Business Administration and Management, Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, Journalism and Social Networks and Masters Executive MBA.

Miguel Ángel Revilla, President of the Government of Cantabria, addressed a few words to the students emphasizing that “you have two essential things to be successful: youth and knowledge”.

Likewise, the President of CESINE, Fermín Gutiérrez, stated that “from our beginnings, at CESINE we have opted for a higher education degree and postgraduate of the highest quality, based on internationalization, innovation, employability and entrepreneurship.” In addition, he encouraged the students to strengthen their “talent, surround you with wit, skills, new trends, in short, put your intelligence into action.”

The speeches continued with the students’ representative, Jaime de Benito, a graduate in Business Administration and Management, who recalled several moments during these four years and thanked CESINE “to be able to grow professionally, with international experiences and internships in companies, but also for developing myself as a person. ” De Benito handed a commemorative plaque to the Patron of the Graduation, Luis Revenga, President of Editorial Cantabria.