Three ideas that are based on the implementation of mobile applications and in offering personalized services were the finalists of the XIX Business Creation Forum of the CESINE University Center. The companies Easy Sport, and Servicant, created by students, seek to offer a series of services in a simple and agile way to the user.


Easy Sport is an app aimed at athletes who practice surfing, hiking or outdoor activities. This company will show users a ranking of the best places to practice their favorite sport taking into account the weather conditions, their geographical location, the waves or their level of difficulty. “We want that under the same app you can collect all the necessary data for surfing or hiking. In addition, specialized stores, restaurants or accommodations in the area will be able to advertise on this app “, said the student Ignacio Pereda, one of the creators of this idea.


For its part, aims to improve Cantabria’s transport network, being a meeting point for companies looking to share expenses in their business trips. “The companies do not trust other existing services of shared transport, we want to improve conditions and reliability, as well as encourage collaboration between companies to save on their business trips,” said student Christian Cienfuegos. Besides, in this app users will have all the transportation options that the current network already offers, whether by train, bus or plane. “We want them to get in a single app all the available travel options,” said Cienfuegos. Finally, Servicant seeks to offer, through a mobile app, professional and domestic services in a personalized and economic way.


During the presentation of the event, CESINE’s President, Fermín Gutiérrez, stressed that “it’s been almost 20 years holding this Business Creation Forum at CESINE, which confirms that we are a reference in promoting employability.” Additionally, he said that “the entrepreneurship is in the DNA of CESINE and the result is that 8% of our graduates are considered successful entrepreneurs.”

Carmen Mendataurigoitia, Project Manager at SODERCAN, closed the ceremony with a few words of “satisfaction, for the outstanding projects I have seen here today” and congratulated CESINE for carrying out “these much needed entrepreneurship initiatives” that the students “will appreciate for their professional development”.

The students explained their business plan and their viability before a professional jury formed by Fermín Gutiérrez, President of CESINE; Carmen Mendataurigoitia, SODERCAN Project Manager; Javier de la Torre, General Director of SOGARCA; Fernando Martínez, General Director of CIC Consulting; David Ramos, Technician of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria; Mercedes Aleixandre, Academic Director of the Degree in Business Administration and Management of CESINE, and Javier Peláez, Head of the Department of Internships and Professional Careers of CESINE and Tutor of these projects.