Our residence for students is located in a unique and privileged environment, overlooking the bay of Santander. It has state-of-the-art facilities and a perfect location, just a few minutes walk from our University campus, El Sardinero beaches and the downtown.

“El Balcón de la Bahía” has some modern and edgy facilities.

CESINE has opened this year “El Balcón de la Bahía” (“The Balcony to the bay”, in English), the premises that best fit your university life, placed in a residential area, with a newly designed facilities and the best environment to study and make new friends.

”El Balcón de la Bahía” has a set of modern facilities in order to offer all that the students may need.

Este alojamiento es perfecto para ti, existen tres posibilidades; alojamiento en habitación individual, habitación doble o apartamento compartido.

The views from “El Balcón de la Bahía” are exceptional.

All the rooms of “El Balcón de la Bahía” are oriented towards the outside and have their own bathroom, coming fully equipped with TV, high-speed Internet, comfortable beds, desks and storage space.

”El Balcón de la Bahía” has individual rooms too.

Besides that, the residence has, among other services, a study room, garden areas and a bus stop just in front of the building.

The facilities are equipped with all sorts of amenities.

There is a food service but you can cook individually too. It includes bed clothing, towels, pillow, duvet and the rest of fixtures. as well as a cleaning service twice a week.

The premisses have 500 square meters of a gardened area.

Living out of your city is a unique experience for students. It helps to mature, to personally grow and to learn to take decisions. Santander is one of the best cities for that stage. It is a safe and nice city, not too big but with many plans and a great cultural offer.