Alinka Kalra, a graduated student of the Bachelor in International Business Management through CESINE’s online methodology, shares her experience and values the competences acquired.

How did you learn about CESINE’s online methodology?
– I was searching for universities that were suitable for my interests in order to move for my final year of bachelor and that’s when an affiliation between my home university and CESINE took place.
What attracted you most to it?
–  CESINE enabled me to not only pursue the major that I wanted along with that , I also got the chance to have a curriculum that was adapted in accordance to my professional responsibilities in terms of timings and corporation from professors.
Why did you decide to study the degree you did?
– I chose to pursue the Bachelor in International Business Management degree due to its varied curriculum which focused on research instead of just text book theories along with the fact that it enabled me to gain knowledge about the business world in a international perspective instead of basing it just on a single city/country . The degree will largely be beneficial in the future interms of understand international corporate culture as well as being able to work anywhere and everywhere with a reputation degree .
How was the follow-up of the classes?
– Every online class was recorded and made available on the online campus for us to re watch at any given time along with that we were assigned two or more weekly assignments for every chapter/topic that we covered as well as final projects that aided us in incorporating the theories that we had learnt and utilize them in actual cases .
What makes CESINE different from other higher education institutions?
– CESINE truly makes its students feel at home and at comfort by providing them constant support regardless of whether they are on campus students or online ones , the university makes sure to individually focus on each student to aid them in not only achieving their full potential educational where as they also do their best to ensure that they support their students in the most effective manner possible in terms of their careers such as by organizing job fairs and making sure that their students are ready for the business world once they graduate .
What has been the biggest professional challenge you’ve faced so far?
– I would say that the biggest professional challenge would be working in a group of the same gender. I find it a lot easier working in an opposite gender group or alone and during projects I have found it challenging to work with a group of the same sex.
Please tell me which skills or competences you developed at CESINE that have been important for the development of your professional career? 
– CESINE has developed my skills and understandings in working in groups of the same gender. Before, as stated above I found it a challenge which I would do my upmost best to avoid, however during my time at Cesine I have been in groups of the same gender and built my understanding and patience with those around me in my team. This is something I’ll be taking with me in my professional career.
Since you graduated, how have your skills evolved and how have you adapted to assume different
– Since my graduation I have evolved when conduction my researches therefor have been able to give thorough answers when submitting my assignments and general work, also my attention to details has improved along with my my patience in working with groups
Which lecturer has inspired you the most?
– Mrs Mercedes the Academic Leader, has inspired me the most due to her intelligence and capability of multitasking in terms of managing her administrative role and lecturer duties. Also , she some how manages to give each and every student individual attention.
Finish this sentence: For me CESINE IS…
– For me CESINE is a place where self development and learning is valued more than grades