Ana San Segundo, student of the Official Bachelor in Graphic Design, has been recognized with an accesit, the second prize, in the Vidrala MasterGlass Design Contest, which this year has celebrated its fourth edition, and recognizes innovation, originality and feasibility in design of glass containers.

In addition to the University Center, other prestigious universities were recognized, such as the University of Mondragón, the University of Madeira (Portugal), and the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Valladolid.

The student’s project presents a new concept of liquor consumption in a container that plays with the concept of chemistry and the laboratory, which also highlights the incorporation of the unit of measure of another sector linked to the advice for a a prudent drinking in reduced doses.

Event organizers, representatives of Vidrala and winners, during the awards ceremony.
Event organizers, representatives of Vidrala and winners, during the awards ceremony.

Its denomination, as Ana San Segundo indicates is “The Drink Lab, and the differentiators of this brand are its containers, since they are laboratory specimens and have a very peculiar way of consuming them. First, the main lid is removed and a small bottle containing blackberry liquor is unscrewed from it, then this liquor is poured into the vodka, creating a great contrast of colors similar to what happens in chemical laboratories”.

One of the premises of the CESINE methodology is the commitment to the development and creativity of students both inside and outside the classroom, so that every year, they attend contests, festivals and top-level competitions in which it is always clear His talent

The awards ceremony was held at the Ensanche Building in Bilbao on the occasion of the Bilbao Bizkaia DesignWeek, and in the absence of the student, who is doing an international rotation period in Italy during this course, the person in charge of collecting the award was Victor Hurtado, Academic Director of the Official Degrees in Design, thanked the jury for the name of Ana San Segundo and highlighted “CESINE’s work in developing the talent of its students”.