Internationalization is one of the most important values in the development of CESINE’s university degrees. Therefore, this centre offers double degrees that include international periods.

The students of the Double Degrees (Degree + Master) enjoy training scholarship periods abroad, in countries like the USA, China or Italy. The double degrees, that are taught in four years, provide CESINE’s graduates with a unique added value, as they obtain a degree + a master and they develop very useful networking, which makes them extremely competitive when facing the job market and entrepreneurship.

A group of CESINE’s students, during their international period in New York.

At CESINE, there are very competitive students from over 20 countries, from some of the most renowned international universities, and they are 32% of the student body.

A group of CESINE’s students, during their international period in China.

Also, CESINE’s students can carry out an Erasmus-like scholarship period, starting in their second year in this university. CESINE has agreements with over 30 universities in Europe, Canada, North America and Asia, where students can acquire competences required in the international professional market through a practical methodology.

A group of students in London.

“I was able to meet people from all around the world and I learnt with an innovative methodology”, states Daniel Crespo, a student from the Degree in Journalism that was in Canada.

Ana Cedrún, a student of the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, enjoyed an international period in Seoul.

International training in some of the best universities and business schools in the world facilitates the development of the necessary skills and competences in the global market.

Daniel Crespo during his period in Ontario, Canada.

Also, the students have the chance of improving their linguistic skills and live their daily lives using another language, a fundamental aspect in order to join the job market. “My experience in South Korea was unforgettable, at a personal and professional level”, states Ana Cedrún, a student of the second year of the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing.

Experiences that provide a priceless value to all the students, besides a competitive advantage compared to other graduates.

Carlota Cagigas, a CESINE student, enjoyed an Erasmus period in the Netherlands.