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4 años

Become a real communications professional

Radio, TV, digital and print media. A true communication profession doesn’t just need to master the media, they also need to know how to get their point across in both Spanish and English as a writer, speaker or graphic communicator. What’s more, you’ll need to learn how to put your skills and practical knowledge to work in the field of marketing and digital communications.


This bilingual double course has been thought out to help you hone your communications talents and get that sought-after specialisation that will set you apart from the crowd. Become the best version of yourself in international environment at Cesine and the adventure-filled city of Santander.  


You’ll learn to spot opportunities, stay one step ahead of the game and make the best decisions. With two degrees under your belt, you’ll be ready for both social media and traditional forms of journalism with practical experience in our TV and radio studios, and for the world of digital media and marketing with your additional postgraduate-level training. 

Bachelor Honours in Journalism+Master in Marketing Management and Digital Communication_02

This degree course is fully valid for the European Union

Master's degree issued by Cesine and degree issued by the London Metropolitan University, this degree is completely valid in the European Higher Education Area. It is fully valid to access other master’s and PhD programmes. It can be standardised for applying for the Spanish Civil Service. Having it officially certified is as simple as sending in an application with all the official documents and the grade comparisons that are shown on the Ministry of Education and Professional Training’s website.

This course will open up opportunities around the world for you 

This course will prepare you to start out at in company in the sector or even to set up your own business. You’ll learn to master textile design, styling, costume design for theatre and cinema, tailoring, art direction, fashion and clothing direction, corporate design and coolhunting. 

Course content / Modules

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Segundo curso
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Quinto curso

“One of my goals is to get students to have real-life experience, to apply to contests and to make their own spots so that they get really into the advertising world.”

Javier Gandarillas

Technical Details

Issues degree certificate: London Metropolitan University

Issues the Master's degree: Cesine

Length: 4 Years

Start Date: September 2022

Tuition Fees: €4,413

Academic Fees: €4,412

Total: €8,825

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