Cesine International Program: Business and Communication School - Degrees and Double Honours Courses: Double Master’s Degree in Media and Marketing Communication
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It is about having a global vision


With this Double Degree in Business Administration and Management + Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing you will gain a complete vision of a company. Not only the administrative and strategic part, but you will also master communication and marketing techniques.

The combination of studying the Double Degree in Business Administration and Management and Marketing with Advertising and Public Relations will give you the opportunity to have a transversal knowledge to train you as a complete professional. You will be able to specialise in any of the other areas of the double degree with the opportunity to manage with the same versatility. Nowadays, in such a liquid work environment, there is a need for profiles that have first-hand knowledge of multiple areas of knowledge. 

The academic programme is designed in collaboration with active teachers, marketing managers and executives from relevant companies. With the ADE studies with Marketing, Advertising and PR, you will learn to identify trends and opportunities, anticipate, solve and decide. You will evolve in an international, inspiring and challenging environment that will bring out the best in you.


Cesine Business School: Double Master Degree in Media and Marketing

This qualification has full official validity in the European Union.

Master's degree issued by Cesine and degree issued by the London Metropolitan University, this degree is completely valid in the European Higher Education Area. It is fully valid to access other master’s and PhD programmes. It can be standardised for applying for the Spanish Civil Service. Having it officially certified is as simple as sending in an application with all the official documents and the grade comparisons that are shown on the Ministry of Education and Professional Training’s website.

How far you can go

Unlike other marketing and advertising courses, this combination can take you very far. You will understand everything that happens in the sector, perfectly prepared and linked to key players in the market. You will be able to work successfully in management, marketing, sales and advertising departments. Positions within a company (from product manager to sales, marketing or media director) and in an agency (from account executive to client service or strategic director) await you.

Course content / Modules

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"My experience in leading international projects makes it easier for students to understand all the macroeconomic variables.’’

Juan José Fernández

Technical Details

Dopartment: Business and Management

Course Type: Postgraduate

Course Length: 18 months

Course Fees: €8,000 (Single Payment for International Students)

Entry Requirements: University degree or relevant work experience. 

Programme: Double Master’s Degree 

Academic Year: 2022 – 2023

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