The international approach is one of the pillars of CESINE’s methodology, for that reason, hundreds of students from more than 30 different nationalities come to the campus every year to receive a bilingual training that promotes the development of the competences most sought for by companies.

For this 2019/2020 course, the University Center will have about 300 international students, a 38% increase in relation to last year figures , a whole sample of the success of CESINE and, without a doubt, an added value for students.

A group of international students who attended some of CESINE’s programs last year.

As Jorge Gutiérrez, Head of International Relations, points out, “international students who come to our campus stem from very solvent and internationally recognized educational models, students from Europe, the US and Asia with a high level of requirement; all this enables, without a doubt, the personal and professional growth of our students ”.

In addition, Jorge Gutiérrez says that “the University Center guarantees periods of international training to all its students, not only to those with a better academic record, in universities in more than 20 countries and in different sectors and fields of knowledge.”

The wide presence of international students on campus enables the personal and professional development of all students.