The International Social Advertising Festival, Publifestival 2017, celebrated its eleventh edition in Barcelona, where were awarded students of the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing of CESINE University Center. In addition, our institution was recognized for being, for the third consecutive year, the most awarded university at this international competition.

Likewise, the organization awarded in this edition a special prize called “Luis Bassat”, which also was given the student of CESINE Alberto Rubio, for his outstanding talent. This student already won an award last year and another in this edition, in addition to the aforementioned award.

Spot made by Alberto Rubio, student awarded with the "Luis Bassat" prize.

In this contest there have been presented audiovisual pieces that have addressed various social problems. Gender violence, bullying, children’s suffering in wars or alcoholism have been some of the issues addressed. And CESINE promotes among its students values of commitment to society and solidarity so that, through their talent and creativity, they contribute their part in solving these problems.

Piece about gender violence made by Nadia Madroñal and Victor Lagüera.

The President of CESINE, Fermin Gutiérrez, who attended the awards ceremony, stressed that “these awards put in value, once again, the talent of our students and the quality training that our teachers carry out every day. We work in the field of advertising with passion and it is an honor that our students are so recognized. “

Spot made by Amaia Caballero, Marina Martínez, Alejandro Suárez and Carlos Gutiérrez.

The Publifestival 2017 jury counted with renowned publicists like Luis Bassat, Daniel Marcet, Mirta Drago, Eva Conesa, among others, that analyzed the work of the students, and also agencies and national and international creatives.

Spot made by Javier Velasco, Maite Aizpurua, Lara Fernández, Sofía Villasur and Damián García about alcohol consumption.

The students of CESINE who, grouped in five teams, received their awards for the social spots made are: Francisco Gutiérrez, Sara Salazar, Ana Santamaría, Nadia Madroñal, Victor Lagüera, Javier Velasco, Maite Aizpurua, Lara Fernández, Sofía Villasur, Damián García , Alberto Rubio, Amaia Caballero, Alejandro Suárez, Carlos Gutiérrez and Marina Martínez.

The students Sara Salazar, Ana Santamaría and Francisco Gutiérrez made this spot about gender violence.