One of CESINE’s basic pillars is internationalization. As Jorge Gutiérrez, head of International Relations in Cesine, states, “one of the greatest advantages that our students have is our international approach, since as of today, according to a study carried out by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Education First, we are the third best university institution in Spain regarding international experience”.

Gutiérrez explains that in CESINE there is more than a 30% of foreign students, and very competitive ones, coming mainly from Europe, North America and Asia, that share the classrooms with the Spanish students. “The atmosphere of the classroom is extremely heterogeneous, with people from different cities, different cultures and different religions. The students that stay in Santander to study will be able to enjoy too an extremely international experience”.

International students during the introduction day

That is the case of Amanda Carasso, French student who points out that CESINE is “rather different in comparison to what I have seen until now”. Between the aspects that she highlights one is that “the professors are very clear. One perfectly understands what they want us to do”, and she also claims to feel “really comfortable”. Titouan Gentileschi is another French student that describes CESINE as “a good School and very modern”, and he is also mainly impressed by the location of CESINE in the downtown and also by the fact that “the professors are very professional”. “It is a good university and very company driven”, he says.

According to Jorge Gutiérrez, this success in relation to the adaptation of foreign students is the result of the international focus in the internships and the training that CESINE is looking for. “We have agreements with universities and companies from more than fifty countries”, he highlights. And, as it turns out, the agreements are not just confined to Europe, as we also have students from countries such as Canada, the USA, South Korea, New Zealand, Chile or Costa Rica.

Ashley Edjamfeile from Togo and Zaynab Diomande, from Ivory Coast.

In relation to their stay in Santander, the student from Ivory Coast Zaynab Diomande outlines the city of Santander. “I love it. It is a very beautiful city, with lovely beaches and mountains and very close too”. She also claims to feel very happy both with CESINE as with the rest of her fellow students that are “very nice”. “I like CESINE’s methodology since one works in a constant manner and it is easier to organize oneself”, she adds.

Likewise, the student Ashley Edjamfeile, from Togo, points as her highlights of Santander “the calmness, the security, how easy is to come to CESINE without transport problems since we live really close to the University”. She assures that she is learning a lot during her international experience and how “has enriched her the mix with people from other countries”. “They are very welcoming and open”, she states.