A group of students currently studying at the CESINE University Center were invited by South Korean Ambassador to Spain, Mr. Park Hee-Kwon, to a meeting held at Sodercan. The students were accompanied the Head of International Relations of CESINE, Jorge Gutiérrez.

Mr. Park Hee-Kwon, commented he have been to Santander 30 years ago, also as a student. That is why he was “especially pleased” to meet these CESINE students because he feels very identified with them. After his speech, he talked with the students he was able to know more about their first impressions on the city and their studies.

South Korean Ambassador to Spain chatting with the students after the event.

The meeting addressed the main links that can be established between Korean and Spanish companies, as well as the most important business opportunities, such as infrastructures, technology or nuclear energy.  

Besides South Korean Ambassador to Spain, the Embassy’s Secretary, Kim Daehwon, and the Director of the South Korea Commercial Office, Jaewon Lyu, also took part in this event.

The CESINE University Center starts this academic year  2017/2018 with 36% of international students, most of the from renowned European ans Asian universities.