At Cesine, you will

learn about the past

to make your mark

on the future.

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Learn about the past to make your mark on the future.

Our partners

Here at Cesine, we think that real experience is the best way to learn. Thanks to our partners, you’ll have the chance to work at companies both in Spain and abroad. You’ll get first-hand experience of your sector, apply everything you have learnt in the classroom and get all the background you need to impress recruiters.

Cesine Talent

Iván Haro
Jefe de Sector y representante de políticas de participación en Bricomart

Cesine me ha aportado una visión de 360 grados a nivel personal y profesional, desde un prisma de visión mucho más amplio y estratégico dentro de un entorno multicultural.

cesine is Santander

It’s the North, it’s surf, it’s nature, it’s haut cuisine, it’s an international city.
Find out more about what life is like in one of the best cities in Spain!