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What do you need to know to be part of Cesine?

At CESINE, we take on talented, passionate and motivated students from around the world. Students with bold spirits, creative intellects and open minds, who are looking for a different university experience. We want students who are driven by a real-world learning methodology that inspires and challenges them. If this sounds like you, we want to get to know you.


Business & Communication School
Baccalaureate and University Entrance Exams

If you have studied in Spain or at a Spanish school abroad, you must have a Baccalaureate certificate that grants you access to university, and you must pass our University Entrance Exams.

Advanced Vocational Certificate and University Entrance Exams

If you have completed an Advanced Vocational Course (FP – CFGS) in Spain, you must hold an official certificate and pass our University Entrance Exam. Furthermore, you may be able to transfer some of your credits.

Studies completed in European Educational Systems

If you have studied in European education systems, such as the Swiss one, the European Baccalaureate, the International Baccalaureate, in China, Vietnam, Latin America, Russia or other countries with bilateral agreements with Spain, you must submit your equivalent certificate that grants access to university and pass our University Entrance Exams.

Design & Creation School
Baccalaureate and Specific University Entrance Exams

To be accepted on the official Advanced Certificates in Design, you need to complete the admissions process, having completed the Baccalaureate or equivalent exams, pass the Specific Entrance Exams that allow you access to advanced artistic courses in design, as stipulated by the education authorities in the respective Autonomous Communities.

Advanced Vocational Certificate in Art and Design

When sending in your application, if you are doing or have completed studies that would allow you to apply for an Advanced Vocational Certificate in Art and Design, you will not have to take the Specific Entrance Exam, but you will have to complete the administrative procedure.

University Degree

To be accepted on to a master's or postgraduate course, you need to have completed previous university studies.

Professional Experience, University Entrance Exam and CV

In some cases, having solid professional experience can be taken in lieu of prior academic education.  You must also pass our University Entrance Exam and submit an up-to-date CV for use to consider your application.

Admission process

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all the above documents reach the International Office of CESINE before:

  • June 1st if applying for programmes that start in September
  • November 30th if applying for programmes that start in January


*Important: 90% of tuition fees will be refunded if the student visa is refused, after appeal.


Before CESINE Design & Business School can consider your application, we need to receive all of the following:

A completed application form & Academic transcripts certified by school authorities (in English or Spanish)

Certified copies of all additional educational qualifications already obtained and English or Spanish language translations of qualifications not issued in English or Spanish.

Recommendation letter & CV in English

Any other relevant information regarding your qualifications or previous work experience (If the student has professional experience).

Photocopy of original passport

And one recent passport size photograph. 

Credit Transfer

You can complete your course by having your ECTS credits from another university or accredited professional experience validated as ECTS credits at Cesine. Learn more about the requirements for transferring ECTS credits.

1. Documents related to your academic record: previous university studies, expert-level courses of over 110 hours, university-level courses, and an up-to-date CV..

2. The university will look into your case and will issue a detailed report within 72 hours. 

3. You must submit all the documents before starting your course.

Scholarships and Funding

Only new students can apply for scholarships. Check what types of scholarships are available and the requirements with our admissions team.

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