The second edition of Outstanding Women started with a lecture by Berta Escudero, CEO of El Ganso and former CEO of Cortefiel Group.

A very interesting day in which Berta Escudero explained 5 keys for business success. «It is very important to have a differential raison d´être, very specific and somewhat disruptive.»

The President of CESINE, Fermín Gutiérrez, along with Berta Escudero and the rest of participants in the event.

On this first day of the Outstanding Women event, promoted by El Diario Montañés and CESINE, Escudero, mentioning some examples of well-known companies, pointed out that «the successfull company is not necessarily the one that makes more money». «Having a lot of clients doesn’t ensure success.»

Berta Escudero, CEO of El Ganso and former CEO of Grupo Cortefiel, commented on some of the keys for achieving business success.

In addition, she said that «nowadays, we must demonstrate a good change management, with adaptation skills, and be able to attract and retain talent».

Berta Escudero during her talk at CESINE University Center.

Berta Escudero, with an extensive experience in the retail sector and business management, explained that «today the client must be the center of everything, no matter if our channel is online or physical». «We must know who our clients are and constantly meet their expectations» she explained.

The conference hall of CESINE’s Campus was once again packed with professionals from different sectors and students.

After her talk, a round table was held with the participation of Mercedes Aleixandre, Academic Director of the Degree in Business Management, and Marta Mena, Brand Marketing Manager of El Diario Montañés.

During the round table some of the topics addressed in the lecture were discussed, with the participation of the public.