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Love travel? Make it your business. 

Are you passionate about travelling? Always keen to go somewhere new, try new things and discover new horizons? More importantly, have you ever wanted to shape your career according to your passions? It’s time to take the plunge and learn everything you need to know to take on the tourism sector and come out on top.


This course is designed to give students who have already completed two years of a degree programme or an equivalent Higher National Diploma (HND) the opportunity to work in an international environment and top their studies up and gain a Bachelor Honours degree from one of the top UK universities. Our experience-based teaching method will give you real-world experience of the problems you’ll need to solve and the skills you’ll need to show once you enter the world of work. 


This degree course is fully valid for the European Union

Issued by the London Metropolitan University, this degree is completely valid in the European Higher Education Area. It is fully valid to access other master’s and PhD programmes. 

A versatile top-up degree thought out for the job market 

We developed this programme to meet a real demand in the industry: the need for specialist managers and planners. This course will teach you the ins-and-outs of the Spanish travel industry, its cultural heritage and tourism-led regenerations, while also helping you hone your skills as a strategist and leader, creating the perfect profile for future employers.

Course content / Modules


“In the classroom, I use the same working methods as in the professional world, sticking to the most rigorous processes.”

Nemesio Ochoa

Technical Details

Awarding Body: London Metropolitan University

Length: 30-37 weeks 

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