BA (HONS) in Sports management (Surf, Sail & Golf Industries) (TOP-UP)



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Surf, sail and golf: make your passion your business

Whatever sport you’re passionate about, make it your business. Learn how to manage the perfect sports or leisure venture, hone your strategy skills, and get ready build a successful sports management career in a globalised world. This course is designed to give students who have already completed two years of a degree programme the opportunity to study in an international environment and top up their qualifications to gain a Bachelor Honours degree from one of the leading UK universities.  


The academic programme has been designed in collaboration with professionals from the field of sports management with special emphasis on surf, sailing and golf, sectors in which Santander excels, and where students will have excellent opportunities to practice these sports (and many more). This inspiring and challenging course will help you to create a winning sports business. 

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This degree course is fully valid for the European Union

Issued by the London Metropolitan University, this degree is fully valid in the European Higher Education Area, ensuring access to post-graduate and PhD programmes. 

A versatile degree top-up thought out for the job market 

This course will set you up with the business skills you need to build a successful career in the sports and leisure sector, while also giving you the experience of study in a fully international environment. 

Course content / Modules


“All the modules are firmly based on practical experience, which is the best way to learn. Students are constantly getting involved in activities that they will face in their future as professionals.” 

Carlos Sánchez

Technical Details

Awarding Body: London Metropolitan University

Length: 30-37 weeks 

Start Date: September 2024

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