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We live in a globalised world: are you ready for it?

Whatever are the business you go into, in order to be full prepared, you need to have international experience, you need to work interculturally, you need to break down borders.


Hone your strategy skills and get ready to go global. This course is designed to give students who have already completed two years of a degree programme or an equivalent Higher National Diploma (HND) the opportunity to work in an international environment and top their studies up and gain a Bachelor Honours degree from one of the top UK universities. 


The academic programme has been designed in collaboration with the managers of international businesses to create hands-on classes based on real-world situations. Our inspiring approach to learning, always focussed on real-life situations, ensure that students have the best preparation to take on the world, whether it’s managing international companies, working as consultants or setting up their own successful businesses. The future is global. 


This degree course is fully valid for the European Union

Issued by the London Metropolitan University, this degree is completely valid in the European Higher Education Area. It is fully valid to access other master’s and PhD programmes.

A versatile top-up degree thought out for the job market 

This course will set you up perfectly with the business skills you need to be a global leader of the future.  On this course, you’ll learn to hone your negotiation and teamwork skills, to think outside of the box to find innovative solutions and shape yourself out for the international leadership roles of the future. 

Course content / Modules


“Networking is crucial, and thanks to the lecturers at CESINE, our student have huge opportunities in this respect. Relationships in the business world are based on trust, and it is very important for achieving success.”

Cristina Cano

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Awarding Body: London Metropolitan University

Length: 30-37 weeks
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