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Cesine Design School: Fashion Design Degree
Design and Creation
4 años

Everyone has their own style. Now it’s time to show yours to the world 

Design is simple yet complex. It’s avant-garde yet classical. Design is everything you want it to be. On this course, you’ll set your own creative path,  learn the reasons behind everything we do and discover how to fit your creations to current trends. Hone your skills with teachers who are active in their fields, and work alongside some of the top designers from Spain and further afield. 


You’ll master both hand-crafting techniques (patterning and dressmaking) and cutting-edge technology, including digital communication. This course will give you the skills you need to plan your resources, to balance aesthetics and functionality, to coordinate teams and to organise a large-scale runways and events. This inspiring and challenging international environment will help you to grow and become the best version of yourself. 

Cesine Design School: Double Degree in Fashion Design and Luxury Band Management

This course is equivalent to a University Degree

Issued by the Government of Cantabria and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Education, with this course you can apply for jobs in the public and private sector. You’ll also be able to access master’s and PhD programmes. The course is made up of 240 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System), which will make it easier for you to continue your education or find work anywhere in Europe. 

This course will open up opportunities around the world for you 

This course will prepare you to start out at in company in the sector or even to set up your own business. You’ll learn to master textile design, styling, costume design for theatre and cinema, tailoring, art direction, fashion and clothing direction, corporate design and coolhunting. 

Course content / Modules

Primer curso
Segundo curso
Tercer curso
Cuarto curso

“Learning to open our eyes, listen and detect needs so that we can put our personal, artistic and technical skills to work for an ever-changing society.” 

Marta Cazalla, Fashion Designer

Technical Details

Awarding Body: Government of Cantabria

Length: 4 Years

Start Date: September 2022

Tuition Fees: Single Payment of €7,000 (International Students)

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