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Cesine Design School: Graphic Design Degree
Design and Creation
4 años

You are unique, and so are you're ideas. This is the chance to shape them out.

Blue or red? Bold or italics? Photography or animation? These are just some of the decisions you’ll learn to get right every time in your graphic design projects. With an in-depth study the history of graphic communication, you’ll pick up all the skills you need to become a creator of the future. Define your own style, adapt it to any project you’re faced with, get your ideas across and make your concepts sell.


On this course, you’ll learn both theoretical concepts and artistic techniques that will help you to solve real problems in the sector with the support of teachers who are active in the field. By the end of the degree, you’ll be able to carry out your projects from conceptualisation to the finished piece, with a mastery of digital tools and media. This inspiring and challenging international environment at Cesine and the adventure-filled city of Santander will help you to grow and become the best version of yourself.

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This course is equivalent to a University Degree

Issued by the Government of Cantabria and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Education, with this course you can apply for jobs in the public and private sector as well as other master’s and PhD programmes. The course is made up of 240 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System), which will make it easier for you to continue your education or find work anywhere in Europe.

There will be no limits to your creativity

This course will prepare you to start out at in company or agency in the sector or even to set up your own business. You’ll learn to get it right every time, whether designing adverts and corporate identities or going into editorial, audio-visual and multimedia design.


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“I try to help all my students understand the real world that they are going to face in their future through a series of goals, but I also want them to know why we do certain things and give them visual cultural references.”

Irene Jiménez, Graphic Designer

Technical Details

Awarding Body: Government of Cantabria

Length: 4 Years

Start Date: September 2022

Price: Single Yearly Payment of €7,000 (International Students) 

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